Monday, May 3, 2010


It's been two weeks since Rachel left Decorah and one week since she flew out of the country. I'm holding up, to say the least. I do find that I've been bored more often and feel like I have less to look forward to on a weekly basis though. I've had to force myself to be more creative with my time, otherwise I feel like a worthless sack of meat.

I went to Milwaukee and Madison this weekend. I am the trip planner for LAC(luther artists' collective) so I had to plan the wholeeee trip by myself. It turned out to be a success.

The drive down was a little stressful because it was pretty stormy and windy for the majority of it... but at least when we drove past my favourite tree on highway 18 it wasn't raining so I could get this cool shot of it.

The Milwaukee art museum is one of my favourites in the midwest.

It TOTALLY trumps the Walker. For one, they have a pretty good selection of art, and a pretty good variety in artists/genres. Probably the biggest letdown there was seeing the Raphael "Woman with the Veil." It was cool, but the entire mezzanine floor was devoted to this one painting. B0ring.

We also walked around the historic third ward for a while on Saturday... And that was cool because we went to a lot of smaller galleries.

Sunday in Madison was kind of silly and maybe a waste of time because nothing opened up until 10 and we had to leave by 1... but it was still fun to walk around State Street and people watch.

The only problem with the trip was that I didn't get a lot of school work done.... AND I just got accepted into the program at Griffith University in Brisbane and have a shit-ton of paperwork to still fill-out before I can actually fly over. I'm in the process of making up a portfolio to submit to the art college! If I get in to that my housing situation and finances will change AGAIN... Ssosooo... although I'm accepted into Griffith, a lot of my future plans still hang in the air. It's frustrating, but I should have everything solidly planned soon.

That's all for now I guess!

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