Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm really bad about updating this. REALLY HORRIBLE.

The best excuse I have is that I am doing other things besides blogging. Soooo I will try and give a short-winded update as to what I have been doing with my life here in Brisbane over the last two months.

WELL... First off, I must say that I'm already getting nervous about going home and leaving this place. I LOVE IT HERE AND I AM REALLY SAD THAT I WILL PROBABLY NEVER COME BACK. Brisbane is a gorgeous city... The architecture, landscaping, PEOPLE, and river are all magnificent.

I wish you guys could see it in the flesh, because honestly, I have not seen/taken any pictures that do Brisbane justice.

September is the month designated for Brisbane Festival. It's a culture and arts festival over the entire month of September that celebrates Brisbane.

The festival was jump-started by Brisbane's famous Riverfire show. It's a fireworks show that goes all along the river. IT WAS INCREDIBLE... Probably the most impressive fireworks show I will ever go to. They were shooting off fireworks on the river, on top of buildings by the river, and open spaces next to the river... AND it was all sychronized. They even had jets shoot over during the show. My friend Alan Delmas took this image from his flat up in the hills overlooking Brisbane City.

A few weekends later, I attended a performance called "PYROPHONE JUGGERNAUT" in Chinatown which was a music group that had this ship-like stage with organ-like pipes all over it. The performers would shoot flame-throwers up into the pipes which created this incredible deep percussive sound. It was really cool. I hope I explained that well enough... Here's a pic of some of the pipes.

I only went to a few other performances and shows during Brisbane festival because most things cost money... But I really enjoyed the shows I went to.

I have to go get ready for class now, but I will update my blog some more later today...

OH! Here is my tumblr account: http://zaffytaffy.tumblr.com (which I actually post stuff on rather frequently, even if it doesn't have to do with my travels in Australia usually... it's images/music/quotes/ideas I like and am thinking about)