Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow, One Month Gone!

Well, I've officially lived in Brisbane for one month! It's amazing and horrifying how time has flown by...

I suppose I should update you on my living situation, then move on to my schooling, and free time activities.

I live here:

It's super convenient and a five minute walk from the river. It's also about a 10 minute walk from west end, which is the hippie/alternative area of Brisbane.

I live with four other girls:

from left to right: Alejandra, Lauren, Ashley, and Amber

They rule. Alejandra and Lauren go to UQ and Ashley and Amber go to QCA with me. It's pretty cool because we actually hang out and talk and stuff.

I go to school here:

It's nice and small and I am taking three studio classes which I love... Printmaking and Jewellery Making are two medias I haven't done before... So they're fun and fresh. My Oil Painting class is great practice, and I am really enjoying it as well.

The one thing that I need to find is a JOB. I've been searching far and wide and haven't found one yet, but I will remain hopeful.

Everything in Australia is sooo bloody expensive! I love it here anyway....